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Masuria with a Dog are six independent apartments, each with a fenced plot for you and your dogs.

Masurian idyll
$0.0Per Night
A spacious, independent apartment for 2-6 people, with two bedrooms, two gardens and a terrace. Climate interior 2 bedrooms Living room with kitchenette Access ...

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Masurian Garden
$0.0Per Night
A duplex apartment for 2-10 people located in an original brick and stone building. 10 beds. A stylish bedroom. Additional bedroom in the attic. Access to…

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Masurian climates
$0.0Per Night
Apartment for 2-6 people with a veranda for long, warm evenings. 6 beds. Glazed porch. Kitchenette. Access to the pond. Masurian Climate ...

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Masurian Landscape
$0.0Per Night
A spacious apartment for 2-11 people, with a view of the setting sun. 2 bedrooms. Large living room with kitchenette. Beautiful view. Access to the pond ...

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Hazel Orchard
$0.0Per Night
Intimate apartment for 2-6 people, with a terrace, fireplace and exit to the green garden. 6 beds. Separate bedroom. Living room with kitchenette. ...

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Blueberry Orchard
$0.0Per Night
Romantic apartment for 2-4 people, with two gardens and a terrace. Rustic style Romantic 2 gardens Access to the pond Jagodów Sad is an intimate, ...

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Masuria with a dog is an offer to spend free time with a dog in Masuria. At ease, with your loved ones - friends or family and your dogs, in peace and quiet, surrounded by beautiful Masurian nature, among forests, meadows and lakes.


Personally, I know what it means to go on vacation with two large dogs ... Unfortunately, it is almost impossible because of some conditions. Of course, there are a lot of places that "accept animals, but ..." but we really accept them.


Reservations can be made by phone: 600 589 618, or by e-mail:

Great location

Nearby there are a lot of various tourist attractions, landscapes and lakes.



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Basic values of the center

Idea of Masuria with a Dog

Our goal was to create a place of rest, friendly for people and their animals. A place where vacationing guests will not have to worry about their dog, its safety and security or the comfort of other vacationers. A place where the dog will also rest - not only from the city, but also from a leash.

Where did the idea for Masuria with a dog come from?

We wanted to create a place that would be dedicated to families with dogs, and to put it bluntly - to dogs. Other than the so-called Dog-friendly places. Unfortunately, in most supposedly dog-friendly places, you can't stay with a large dog or with several dogs at once. You can't let the dog off the leash, so you can't really relax.

We encounter discrimination against dogs at every turn. It refers to the weight of the dog, its appearance, times, the number of dogs and its natural behavior. Instead of being outraged at discriminatory practices, we decided to do something in spite of showing everyone that we can treat our daily dog companions humanly, also during the holidays, holidays and New Year's Eve. We wanted to prove that dogs are not inferior and do not deserve bad treatment or bad conditions. On the contrary, they should be appreciated for the fact that they love their dogs so much, want and like to spend every free moment with them.

Coming to Masuria with a Dog you can be sure that you will not experience any discrimination here, including towards animals. All animals, ointments, sexes, weights, and in any number can rest here, and equally important - we do not charge any additional fees! We invite you warmly!